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Ever wonder what is on a blogger’s dresser, or counter, or table?  Here is your chance to discover what we are hiding, or not hiding, in several spaces around the house.  We’ll be showing it to you on the first Tuesday of each month.

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What's on Your Bathroom Vanity[1]


I cleaned up for you!  I really did.  Because if you saw my bathroom vanity in it’s normal state you would never want to read my blog again.  It isn’t neat and tidy all the time.  But I do try.


There are a few things you must know about my bathroom.  First of all, I hate it.  The cabinets, the tile, the layout….. It’s horrible.  1995 threw up in there and nobody has cleaned it up.

It’s pink.  Seriously.  The tile and the cabinets read pink even if they really aren’t.  I can’t do much with the tile (unless I take out a loan) because it is everywhere.  But I have been trying to choose paint colors for the cabinets.

There are mirrors, EVERYWHERE!  That’s why you only see small snippets of my vanity.  Do you really want to see me snapping a picture of my bathroom reflected back in a mirror?  No, probably not.



Now for the things I do like…… It’s big.  Very big.  And it has lots of cabinet and storage space.  I can keep things out on my vanity top and it doesn’t (always) look cluttered.  This little silver tray for example…. A $5 thrift store find.  I keep my perfume on it.  It feels very girly and I love it.


I have candles out, although I don’t light them much.  And I can even keep a flower or two.  It’s a really spacious vanity so I shouldn’t complain.  And I’m a blogger….. I’ll come up with some way to make it look better!

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  • So beautiful and organized – love the tray!

    • I love that tray so much! Glad you do too!

  • Beautiful!! I love the pinks and blues! 🙂

    • Thank you, Sarah. There’s a lotta pink!

  • Wow I’m jealous of all that space! So neat and tidy…love it!

    • Thanks, Cathy!

  • Love your bathroom! And Grace is one of my favorite lotions.

    • You must have good taste. Doesn’t it smell fantastic?

  • Loving all the classic touches! That little tray is perfect.

    • Thanks, Amy.


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