Valentine’s Day Selfie Station

There are days that I see my kids and their friends taking selfies so much that I’m afraid they aspire to be Kardashians.  Then I realize, selfies are fun!  Especially when you dress up a bit and get all silly.  I stumbled across this fantastic selfie kit at Homegoods and have set it up for some Valentine’s day fun!

I am one to avoid selfies.  I am not a fan of getting my picture taken, especially that close up.  But put me in disguise and I’m all in!  Super fun for all ages, this little kit came with lips and a ‘stache, some glasses and hearts.  So cute.  I’m sure they all could be made at home but it was an impulse buy.


Coupled with the super cute paper circles I got, it is the perfect set up for some sweet treats and some fabulous selfies.  Don’t forget the #!


I can’t wait to put this to use tomorrow.  My kids will have a blast.  My daughter is already warming up for it by posing with the cute little glasses and begging for a lip lolly pop.  We will have a fun Valentine’s Day evening with a yummy steak dinner and some chocolate cake.  Because what’s better than selfies with chocolate cake?

Sending you all lots of hugs for Valentine’s Day!  I hope you share it with the ones you love.


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