Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Do you dye Easter eggs each year? I usually don’t. My kids don’t like eggs so I’m left with colorful hardboiled eggs and no takers.  My kids call me the “captain of team no-fun”, but I call myself practical.  However, this year I decided to tie dye Easter eggs. It looked too easy to pass up. And it is!

Start by hard boiling your eggs.  Some folks like to blow out the inside of the egg.  This is fine too.  I just don’t have a delicate hand and I know I would crush all the shells.  I have this handy egg timer (affiliate link) that helps me know when my eggs are done.  I couldn’t live without it!

hard boil eggs for dying with this great egg timer

While the eggs are boiling, gather up your supplies for these tie dye Easter eggs.  All you need are some paper towels, some aluminum foil and food coloring.

food coloring for tie dye Easter eggs

Dampen the paper towel and spread it out on top of the aluminum foil.  Then add drops of food coloring.

drops of food coloring for tie dye Easter eggs

Then roll up your paper towel so the food coloring mixes together.  Then unroll it to reveal a tie dye looking paper towel!  Place your hardboiled egg in the center of the paper towel and wrap it around the egg.

Making tie dye Easter eggs with food coloring

Ball the egg and the paper towel up in the foil and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Tie dye Easter eggs with food coloring and aluminum foil.

Then unwrap and allow to dry.  These tie dye Easter eggs are so simple to make and surely add to the special holiday.  And I am no longer the “captain of team no-fun”!

Beautiful tie dyed Easter eggs are easy to make.

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