Spring Touches Around The House

The sun has come out and the temperature has warmed up.  The sky is the perfect shade of Carolina blue.  Spring is here!  And for the first time in a while I felt the clouds lift and I went for it.  I went shopping for Spring decor!  Who is with me?  I am not done yet.  But at least I have started.  Here are a few spring touches around the house and why I have chosen them to add to my decor.

I love spring colors.  The pinks and the blues and the  yellows.  After living in dreary winter for so long, its a wonder to see Spring add such color to the world!  I love fresh flowers (especially hydrangeas and peonies), but my son is so allergic to pollen that I have to limit the amount of fresh flowers I bring into the house.  Therefore, I shop for the most realistic looking silk flowers I can find.  This year, Pier 1 has the best ones!


Forsythia seems to be the first thing to bloom when Spring arrives.  The vibrant yellow is the color of sunshine.  I love it!


I have no idea what these flowers are, but I instantly fell in love at the store when I saw them.  I think I may be going back for more, very soon!


I have made lots of changes around the house and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve done.  Nothing drastic, just lots of stuff to drive my husband nuts (aka: “Honey, will you help me move this big, heavy piece of furniture?”)  Stay tuned for my Spring home tour.

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