I absolutely love this online program!  I could spend hours just creating away!  This is my second creation.  Let me know what you think.  I am really stuck on dining rooms lately.

Weekly Menu 7/9-7/14

Monday – Grilled steak and Caesar salad
Tuesday – Fried pork chops on a bed of arugula
Wednesday – Baked chicken and broccoli quinoa casserole
Thursday – Burgers and baked potato salad  *(I have modified thi

LEGO Madness Part 1

Is anyone else afflicted with this illness?  I surely am.  Please see exhibit A:

This is a guest bedroom in my house that is now called “the LEGO room”.

Weekly Menu 7/2-7/6

This week is all about salad and sharing those salads at Fourth of July barbeques!  This is my favorite holiday because of the sun, backyard fun and fireworks!  I hope you all have a wonderful fourth and enjoy this won

Weekly Menu – 6/25-6/29

Every Sunday night I sit on the couch and create the weekly menu and grocery list.  Yes, I cook 5 days a week.  No, I am not a gourmet chef.  I just try to feed my family healthy foods that are easy to make.