One Room Challenge – Spring 2017 – Week 3 – They Don’t Call It A Challenge For Nothing

Y’all, they don’t call it a challenge for nothing!  This One Room Challenge stuff is serious business.  It has its ups and downs.  Week 3 is a down for me.  Just a couple of hiccups, nothing that can’t be fixed but it just makes the timeline that much more difficult.  The One Room Challenge Spring 2017 has me so excited, I refuse to let a couple of issues derail my joy for this project.

First issue:  Getting my husband to help me hang a light fixture is like herding cats.  There’s always something else he’d rather do. So the light fixture sits in the same spot it has sat for the last couple of weeks.  Maybe this weekend will be my lucky weekend to get it hung up.


Second issue: The paint color I am using for my grandparents furniture is sold out.  It is only sold at one place in town and you can’t order it online.  I have emailed the vendor with my dilemma.  Hopefully she will be getting some in very soon!  It is the most gorgeous shade of blue.  I just love it!  Yes, I decided to go blue with the furniture!


Third issue:  Uneven walls are cramping my style!  This room was an addition made by the previous owners.  They busted into the attic and added the room so there is the roof line to contend with and low walls.  The worst part is that all of the walls are different sizes!  So my idea to mount my sconces to the side walls won’t work because they would be uneven.  I really don’t want to mount them to the wallpapered wall because the wallpaper I chose is just too perfect to be messed up with screws.  So, what to do about lighting…….


Fourth issue:  I forgot about the chair!  I became so consumed with the bed and the walls for the One Room Challenge Spring 2017, that I forgot about the sweet little side chair I found on Craigslist years ago for $50!  I had painted it and had it reupholstered years ago when I bought it.  Now it’s time to repaint and reupholster it again.  When I went up to the guest room to start painting the furniture, I saw the chair!  This week I have to scramble to find fabric and get it to the upholsterer.  But I was able to paint it before I ran out of paint!

Little dilemmas, I know.  It will all get figured out.  I was just so thrilled to be getting this done that I wished for it to go smoothly. Silly me.  The One Room Challenge Spring 2017 has me so excited, however, they don’t call it a challenge for nothing!

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