One Room Challenge – Spring 2017 Week 1- Guest Bedroom Goes Navy

Y’all!  I haven’t participated in the One Room Challenge in so long!  But it has come around again and I am ready – I think.  I’ve been down this road before.  Myself and hundreds of other talented bloggers and designers.  We strap on our boots and get to work in order to transform one room in 6 weeks.  Every time I do it, I feel a great sense of accomplishment.  You are probably thinking that I don’t need to participate since I just did a major renovation at my house, but I really do.  As for the One Room Challenge Spring 2017, I am doing my guest bedroom.  It really needs some love.

If I were a guest in my own home, I wouldn’t want to stay in my guest bedroom.  It isn’t very welcoming.  I’m not going to lie, it’s rough.  It is kind of like my dumping ground for all of my design and blogging leftovers.  Even I frequently trip over things.

The furniture is all hand me down furniture from my grandparents.  My mom wanted to get rid of it, but I just couldn’t part with it!  I have such memories of it.  My grandmother used to hide her chapstick in the top drawer and my grandfather used to keep wintergreen lifesavers in his nightstand.  The nightstand drawer still has a faint smell of them!  So I will give them a makeover and keep them.  They provide plenty of storage.

I am also keeping the bed.  I love this bed!  It’s the Stratton bed from Pottery Barn.  It also has lots of storage.  My plan is to take this guest bedroom navy.  Navy and white is so on trend these days and I think it would fit perfectly into this room.

My biggest challenge with this room is that it is an addition from the previous owners and was built into attic space.  So it has lots of strange angles and nooks.  It also only has 1 window that is a dormer window so it juts out over the roof.  The goal is to somehow minimize the look of the odd angles.  I’m not sure if I am going to paint the walls or leave them white.  Whatever I do, I will have an accent wall.

Here is my plan for my One Room Challenge Spring 2017 guest bedroom:

I am still unsure about the headboard and what color I am going to paint the room.  If I paint the room white, I will paint the furniture navy.  If I paint the room navy, I will paint the furniture white.  I definitely want an upholstered headboard, but maybe it needs to be something other than a woven.  A pattern perhaps?  Maybe I’ll add wallpaper….  Like this room from Serena and Lily….

Or I could keep it simple and fresh like this room from Studio McGee…..

I am so excited about doing this One Room Challenge Spring 2017.  This guest bedroom is going navy and I can’t wait!  I’m off to get started NOW!


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  • I love your ideas and since I am a huge fan of navy, I am excited to see how this will turn out. Have fun!

    • Yay, Shelley! I am madly in love with navy right now. Glad I’m not alone!

  • Beautiful inspiration, Brenna! Loving the navy trend you’re going for! I also love that you’re keeping the bed… it’s beautiful! And that furniture has such sentimental beauty! I’m cheering you on these next 6 weeks!

    • Thank you so much Kendra! You are so sweet to cheer me on…. I may need it around week 4! JK!

  • I love your plans for the room. Looking forward to following your progress as we embark on this ORC!

    • Thank you so much Norma! I am so excited to be getting this one done!

  • Your mood board looks very similar to the palette I went with in my entryway! This will be lovely.

  • Loving all the blues in this room mood board! I’m so excited to follow along! It’s going to look gorgeous!


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