Not Your Kid’s Ice Cream Floats

When I was a kid there was 1 pizza place in town.  It was called Angie’s pizza.  I thought it was such a treat when my parents took me there for dinner!  And every time we ate there, I finished up with a root beer float, or a creamsicle, or a purple cow.  Now, I can’t remember the last time I had one of those drinks.  Oh, to be a kid again.  And to eat pizza and slurp up an ice cream laced soda.  Sometimes it’s fun to pretend to be a kid again!  Especially when you can put an adult twist on it.  Am I right?  The best part about pretending to be a kid is eating like one.  But the calories (sigh!).  If the calories didn’t count, wouldn’t in be so much better?  Well, I think that if there is alcohol involved, the calories never count. So let’s eat like kids again!  These are not your kid’s ice cream floats!


Have you tried that drink Not Your Father’s Root Beer?  It tastes exactly like root beer!  And that got me thinking….. I don’t really like root beer but I do love root beer floats!  Then I saw a commercial for hard soda, orange soda to be exact.  And I thought of a creamsicle.  (I think I’m ready for summer!)  I started reminiscing about my childhood trips to the local pizza place and that got me thinking…. How brilliant would it be to use these adult beverages in a dessert?!  Lightbulb!


I immediately grabbed the vanilla ice cream, purchased a 6 pack of each of these drinks and got to work.  They truly came out just the way I had imagined.  Smooth, creamy, and delicious- with a kick.  I put 2 scoops of ice cream at the bottom of a cold mug, filled it up with the alcoholic root beer or the hard orange soda, plopped another scoop of ice cream on top and that was it.  A sweet treat with an adult twist.  I am totally serving these at my next backyard BBQ!  Burgers, dogs and adult ice cream floats!  I may even make the kid friendly kind too!


Now I just need a hard grape soda so I can make a purple cow – those are seriously my absolute fave!  Cheers!


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