My Fave Reveals from the One Room Challenge

Did you participate in the One Room Challenge?  Do you know what it is?  Well, let me just tell you that it is the most fabulous showcase of design blogger talent in all of blogland.  It is the brainchild of Linda over at Calling It Home and she hosts this 6 week challenge twice a year….. usually once in October-ish and once in April-ish.  Bloggers and designers are asked to make over one room of their choice in 6 weeks and document the progress each week.  Then it’s the big REVEAL!  (insert fireworks here!)  And these, my friends are alway awesome!  Hundreds of bloggers participated and these are my favorite reveals!

The B’s are back!  Not that they ever left…. The ever so talented and fun Tricia and Erin from Suburban B’s pulled off not 1, not 2, but 3 rooms that are absolutely stunning in Tricia’s house!  They were going for a Parisian apartment vibe and totally nailed it.  I’m moving in!




I had to include several images of that one because there were just so many of their amazingness!

Did you see the home office reveal from Polished Habitat?  I absolutely love the pops of pink and gold.  Melissa said she feels like she lives inside Pinterest in this room.  And I have to agree, because I know I’ll be pinning this one!



And did you see the back yard shed turned into a blogger’s dream?  Charlotte from Ciburbanity created a dream shed that she can create to her heart’s content in.  She thought of everything in here!  There’s storage and comfort and places to photograph.  It is truly amazing!



I have been a follower of Kelley Nan on Instagram for ages.  Her interiors are absolutely stunning as is her photography.  Now I am completely smitten with her home office.  It is a fantastic white with brushed gold and light blue accents.  Simply gorgeous.



Brittany over at House Plus Love also created an office space (do you see a theme here?) and it is so colorful and bright, you can’t help but be creative in it!



Ever dream of a farmhouse style bathroom?  If you do, I know what our dreams look like because Sara from Twelve on Main did the most dreamy farmhouse bathroom reno.  Shiplap and carrera and wood beams, oh my!



Somebody’s having a baby!  And it’s a boy!  Karen from House Full of Sunshine spent the last 6 weeks working on her son’s nursery.  And it is adorable!  It looks like a woodland adventure for a baby.  So much fun!  Congratulations!



Dark and dreamy and positively stunning….. That’s all I have to say about this master bedroom reveal from Design Indulgence by Sherry Hart.  This room is very cozy and inviting.  I love the choice of paint color. (iron ore by Benjamin Moore).



Shannon Claire from Burlap and Lace blew my mind!  The room, a combined living and eating space, doesn’t look the same….. AT ALL!  I would not have known it was the same if she hadn’t included the before pictures.



And last but certainly not least on my list of faves, is Holly Phillips from The English Room.  You know I have to give a shout out to my local chica!  It’s odd that I love her work so much, not because she isn’t talented, but because she is so different from my personal aesthetic.  But I think that’s what I like.  Color is a foregone conclusion…. and fun and art and a big old party is what ended up in her office this time.  The way she mixes color and pattern is truly amazing!

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  • All beautiful spaces ♥

  • Brenna, what an incredible surprise!! I am so flattered and thrilled to be included among these gorgeous rooms! I can’t believe all the beauty that came through the ORC this round! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you SO MUCH!! xoxo

  • I could live in either one…so beautiful!

  • Thanks so much for including my ORC Brenna! I love that we picked so many of the same as our favorites! 🙂 Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    • I’m moving in to your ORC! Honestly. It came out beautiful!


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