A Little Girl’s Bedroom

Who doesn’t love a little room makeover?  Except, this wasn’t a makeover.  It was starting from scratch.  In a rental house.  And it was full of color and fun and creativity!  Check out how I took a blank slate of a room in a rental home and injected some color to create a wonderful little girl’s bedroom.

Zoe's Bedroom3

This room started off with nothing but a twin bed and a curtain rod.  No joke.  But it was very important.  This little girl’s room had to be ready for this family to move in to their rental house.  And it had to be comfortable, bright and colorful, and done on a budget.  That’s my favorite kind of challenge!  Working with a budget is my specialty!  And I love doing children’s spaces!

Zoe's Bedroom6

The paint in the room was a neutral beige and couldn’t be changed due to it being a rental.  Luckily, pretty much anything would match it.  This particular little girl loved to draw and read.  Her favorite color was pink.  My inspiration for this room was truly a box of crayons.  Wouldn’t it be fun to just decorate a room like a big crayon box, with all those colors?!

Zoe's Bedroom2

Absolutely everything in this room is portable.  Meaning, it can be taken with the family when they have to leave and find their forever home.  My favorite part has to be the bedding.  It is like a kaleidoscope.  And then you pair it with these wonderful watercolor flowered curtains and it really embodies that box of crayons look I was going for!

Zoe's Bedroom4

Given that this room was done on a budget, I have to tell you that it was all done for around $2000.  That includes 2 night stands, a desk, desk chair, 2 lamps, custom curtains, bedding (including sheets), lamps and artwork.  Pretty good, huh?  I really enjoyed it!

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  • The colors are so happy, perfect for this space and a future home! How gorgeous is that fabric you used for the windows??? And the bedding is adorable too!

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