Landscaping the New House

Well, things have gotten started on the new house.  I love to see progress, no matter how small.  So this is good for me while we wait for engineering plans and building permits.  The first thing we have started on is the back yard.  Now we have to decide how to put it all back together.  I’m gathering up my landscaping ideas.

There were two big, beautiful trees in the back yard.  Unfortunately, they hung over the roof of the house and allowed for no sun to penetrate the yard.  Therefore, there was no grass, just weeds and mulch.  Yuck.  We had to take them down.  But I promise we will replace them!  I hate to see healthy trees get cut down.


Once the trees came down, I realized that we can see straight through our yard to our neighbor’s garage.  I know our neighbors back there and I am super excited to live so close to them, however, privacy is good.  I’m not building a blockade wall so we never see each other, but just a little something so we don’t feel so exposed to each other.


I have found some beautiful ideas that I think will work.  I know that I want some evergreens and some color.  But all of the plants have to be able to handle full sun.


I absolutely love this idea that I found here.  The mix of evergreens is fantastic!  I would just love some color.


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I love the color that these knockout roses provide.  They are easy to care for and practically impossible to kill so this may be a good choice for a green thumb like me.


I saw this patio on Houzz and thought that maybe I could create a smaller version of it on my own patio.  I just loved the oversized planters and the raised beds.  I can’t do the raised beds but I can do some beds around the patio walls.

There is so much to do at this house because it has been neglected for so long.  Not neglected in the sense that it is falling down, but just in the sense that little effort was put into its upkeep.  It’s going to take a little elbow grease, but I know that this house will be beautiful, inside and out!

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  • It’s going to be beautiful, Brenna. I adore the mix of evergreens – can’t wait to see the progress!!


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