Ginger Beer Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Do you know what Cinco de Mayo stands for?  Here’s  a little trivia for you….. it is Spanish for the fifth of May.  And it is significant because on the 5th of May in 1862 the Mexican army defeated the French army in an unlikely victory.  Take that to your next trivia night!  Here in the US we celebrate by drinking and eating Mexican stuff.  Which I am all in for!  So tonight, whip up some of these fun ginger beer margaritas for Cinco de Mayo and call all of your friends.  Maybe serve some salsa or something, too.

Have you ever had ginger beer?  Do you like it?  On it’s own, I’m not a fan.  But mixed in to a drink it adds the perfect amount of spice and the perfect amount of fizz.  (Check out my Blackberry Basil Moscow Mule for another drink with ginger beer.)  So why not put it into a margarita?  I always think that margaritas call for a little spice.  Instead of adding a dash of cayenne like I normally do, the ginger beer is perfect because the spice is less jolting, and you can cut back on the tequila since it adds alcohol as well.

ginger beer margarita for cinco de mayo


Here is my easy recipe.  It makes a pitcher that serves 4.

1 C. fresh lime juice

2 bottles (appx. 9 oz each) of ginger beer

4 shots of tequila

2 Tbsp. agave nectar

Fill the rest up with ice and stir.

ginger beer margaritas for cinco de mayo

Here’s the key to a successful margarita….. properly salting the glass.  First you need to rub the rim of your glass with the lime wedge, not water!  No to water!  It will dissolve the salt and it isn’t sticky so the salt will slide down the side of the glass.  Once you rub the lime around the edge, spin the top of the glass in sea salt.  It is perfection!

ginger beer margarita for cinco de mayo

Make sure you have plenty of lime juice and ginger beer on hand.  I’m guessing these will be a hit!  Enjoy these ginger beer margaritas for Cinco de Mayo responsibly.  They can certainly catch up with you!


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  • You’re speaking my language with this recipe! Will have to try it this weekend for an evening on the patio. Ole!

    • I hope you tried it and loved it! If not, there’s always this weekend….. 🙂


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