Fashion Grout with the Tile Doctor

Recently I was contacted by the Tile Doctor to try a great Stainmaster grout product.  It is a colored grout that you can add glitter to.  So glam!  When I heard about it I knew it would be perfect for my daughter’s bathroom.  And it is!  This fashion grout is a hit with the little princess.


You know how it all starts right?  Find some tile, mortar it down, let it set and then grout.  Easy peasy.  Nope.  I decided to do a wall, not the floor.  Which worked out well for this grout product.  I don’t think you would see the shimmer as well if it was on the floor.


I chose a white moroccan mosaic ceramic tile for the project.  And my daughter had been asking for her bathroom to be turquoise.  So from the Glamour Grout collection I chose the turquoise grout with galaxy shimmer.  But there are 12 different colors to choose from with  3 glitter mix-ins so the possibilities seem endless!



This product was easy to mix.  Everything came packaged.  My only complaint was that the instructions were in EVERY language which meant that I had to look through thirty something pages to find English.  And then it didn’t really give instructions on mixing so I gave it my best shot.  Thankfully, it worked!



The grout is very thick so it is tough to spread.  Think fondant, not cake frosting.  But since it is thick, once you get it into the crevasses it stays.  Sometimes I used my fingers to push it into hard to reach spots like corners.  But, clean up was a cinch!  It wiped clean from the tile very easily.  And I only had to sponge off the wall twice.  With traditional grout I’d be at it for days just trying to get that murky haze off the tile.



And the color!  The color was totally true to the sample and description.  The turquoise color is great and my daughter loves it!



As for the glitter….. it’s there and it is AMAZING!  I just love the way the light catches it.  It is such a glamorous addition to this room.



I can think of so many different ways you could use this product.  I can really add pop to ordinary tile.  My tile was from Lowe’s, straight off the shelf, so this grout added in the glam factor.  Now, stay tuned for the rest of the makeover…..


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