Fancy Scrambled Eggs With Goat Cheese and Pancetta

Scrambled eggs are served almost every weekend at my house.  My husband and I are the only ones who eat them.  And while he could eat plain old eggs every weekend.  I like to spruce them up a bit.  Recently I showed off my brunch buffet and these eggs were on the menu.

Scrambled eggs are about as easy to make as pasta.  At least I think so.  And they are packed with protein which is super important in the morning.  You should always start your day with a full belly to fuel you.  But they can get a little boring.  Well, for me they can.  My husband could eat plain scrambled eggs any old day.  So I like to spruce them up with stuff I have in the fridge.  Shopping day is Monday so it can be slim picking by Saturday or Sunday morning.  But I just so happened to have entertained the evening before creating this recipe so I had some pretty good stuff on hand.

scrambled eggs with goat cheese and pancetta

First I cooked some diced pancetta that I had left over.  It is Italian bacon but has more salt and less smoky flavor.  I cooked it until crispy and then removed it with a slotted spoon leaving some grease in the pan.  Then I poured in the eggs and a dash of milk that I had whisked together into the pan with the pancetta grease.  I cooked until they just began to scramble.

Now it’s time to really make them fancy.  I had some goat cheese left on hand and I crumbled it into the eggs as I continued to scramble them.  The key to creamy scrambled eggs is not to cook them too quickly.

scrambled eggs with goat cheese

When the goat cheese was fully incorporated, I added the pancetta back in and I added some chopped chives as well.  I folded it all together and that was that.

fancy scrambled eggs with goat cheese


fancy scrambled eggs with goat cheese and pancetta sprinkled with chives

It was served with some chopped chives on top as a garnish. They came out so creamy and then you get a little chewy, salty bite of pancetta.  It’s was delicious and elegant.  Fancy scrambled eggs will be served at my house more often.  They were a big hit at brunch!

scrambled eggs with goat cheese and pancetta at brunch

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