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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you have probably seen pictures of my daughter riding her pony.  It is not something I ever thought I would say.  I never rode, my husband never rode, we don’t live near a lot of horses.  It just seemed to be one of those things that called to her.  And we allowed her to follow her heart.  Now the equestrian life is seeping into our hearts, and our home.  We have a pony that we refer to as “our other pet”, we don’t mind shoveling poop (yes, shoveling), I rarely complain about the 3 hours per day, 4 or 5 days a week that are required of myself and my daughter to be at the barn.  It has become our life (along with baseball for my son).  So it’s no wonder that I want to incorporate a little bit of it into our decor. And lots of others do too!  Here are a few ideas for equestrian style that you may want to invite into your home.

Polo, racing, dressage, cross country….. whatever your equestrian sport, you can decorate with it.  I love how this room incorporates an old polo uniform in a frame.  Mix in a few pictures of horses and you have a nice room that doesn’t scream BARN!


(image by Joy Tribout Interior Design)

But if you want a barn, I’ll bet you’d want one like Ellen DeGeneres’ barn.  Absolutely stunning!  The sitting area is designed for humans but even in luxury, you know that horses are close by.  Or at least one stall over.


(image from Today)

Just small touches, like these horse heads over the beds, lend their nod to the equestrian lifestyle without going overboard.


(image from Atlanta Homes Mag)

Photography…. it’s as simple as that.  Horses are so elegant and strong that they photograph beautifully.   This oversized photo in black and white doesn’t need any other decor for this entry.  It speaks for itself.


(image via)

Last year I went to a show house in an equestrian community.  I was so impressed by the decor – stunning photography and sculptures paired with just the right amount of plaid and leather.



I fell in love with these horse bit pillows while searching for some decor ideas.  I really wish I could find the source for them!  If y’all know, please tell me.


image from a Google search with no actual link

Not only is the decor wonderful, the attire is so fantastic.  Very preppy and chic.  I am continually amazed by how neat and clean all of these riders have to remain when being around horses is not neat and tidy.  Even my daughter, as messy as she is, can manage to keep her show clothes clean on a show day.  I think I am going to adopt these outfits to fit in as a spectator.


image from Polyvore

Especially this one because of the white jeans!


image from Polyvore

The key to equestrian style and why it is so lovely to decorate with is the easy elegance of it all.  Casual without being dull, fancy without being pretentious.  Horses and their riders are hard workers, driven and tough, yet beautiful and kind.  Just as the decor should be.


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