Eat Your Veggies! – 10 Vegetable Side Dishes

The other morning I woke up feeling slow and sluggish.  Not because I didn’t sleep or anything.  And I couldn’t figure out why.  Could it be just that I didn’t have my coffee yet?  And when the coffee didn’t do the trick, I thought maybe it was my over-indulgence on cake and wine for my birthday.  But that was days ago!  And as I reached for a bagel it hit me….. when was the last time I had some good vegetables?  With after school sports and work and a new puppy, I was in “grab it and go” mode for food.  That means that veggies were taking a back seat.  So in an effort to eat more vegetables, I found 10 vegetable side dishes that you will love!

Some of these side dishes, I can’t wait to try!  Seriously.  It has me in full on “eat your veggies” mode!  This one for parmesan zucchini from Damn Delicious looks so fresh and yummy.

Delicious vegetable side dish with zucchini and corn.

I am the only one in my family who likes beets.  And I fully plan on eating them alone.  This recipe from the Recipe Runner looks AH-MAZING!

Beets with burrata make an incredible vegetable side dish.

Brussels Sprouts, or fairy cabbages as they are called in my house, an be a tough one to perfect.  When roasted it is easy to burn them.  When sautéing them they can become mushy.  That being said, these honey balsamic ones from Kevin is Cooking look super and I can’t wait to try them.

Roasted brussels sprouts

Italian food would be my favorite kind to cook!  I couldn’t live without it.  So these roasted Italian tomatoes from Noshing with the Nolands look fantastic and easy to make.  The sound like the perfect vegetable side dish for some pasta!

Italian roasted tomatoes look like a delicious vegetable side dish.

And if Asian food is right up your alley, I found some simple sesame ginger snap peas for you over at Spend With Pennies.  Also super simple looking and yummy.

Snap peas with sesame make a great vegetable side dish with Asian flair.

I love salads.  Especially in summer when you can eat them as a meal.  That’s why my favorite salad to make is my Panzanella salad.  There are so many vegetables in it but also bread and salami so it really fills you up without making you feel heavy.

Panzanella salad makes a great vegetable meal or side dish.

It is grilling season!  So why not grill your vegetables?  These grilled veggies from Averie Cooks look so summery and delicious.  Can’t wait to toss them on with some steaks as a perfect vegetable side dish!

Roasted vegetables are a perfect summer side dish.

Cauliflower…. I keep trying to find ways to get my family to eat this fabulous food.  Maybe the sweet and spicy roasted cauliflower from The Fitchen will do the trick!

Cauliflower that is sweet and spicy.

Carrots go well with everything, right?!  Especially when they are sweet and roasted with some butter.  So these brown butter honey glazed carrots from Little Spice Jar are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Roasted carrots are a great vegetable side dish that go well with everything.

Bacon is not a vegetable.  I know.  So sad.  However, you can wrap vegetables in bacon.  Yippee!  Asparagus bundles wrapped in bacon are my next side dish adventure!  Thanks for the idea Lil Luna!

Bacon wrapped asparagus bundles.

I am so ready to feel better by eating my veggies!  These delicious vegetable side dishes are sure to get me started on the right track!

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