Decorating With Red

Valentine’s day automatically makes me think of red.  In a good way!  Red is my favorite color, but it can be a bit overwhelming to work with.  But I have found some of the most fabulous ways to decorate with red without having it overwhelm a room.  Or maybe the whole room needs to be red…..

Adding accent furniture in red is always a super easy way to inject the color into a room without going overboard.  Check out this stunning chest.  It really looks amazing next to this wallpaper.

(image source)

In the kitchen, having an island that is different from the cabinetry is a trend that I can totally get on board with.  And this red island makes my heart skip a beat.  Maybe it will be my Valentine.

(image source)

A fabulously comfy sofa set against a moody and dark wall does the trick.  I love how the rug brings together the red in the sofa and the dark blue in the walls, but still lightens up the space.

(image source)

My favorite designer of all time is Sarah Richardson.  I love how she can use color and fabrics and still have a light, bright, cozy room.  Her country house is my favorite.  The red doors in the mud room are amazing!

Now, if you are willing to go full tilt RED, there are a couple of ways to do this.  You could paint the walls…..

(I couldn’t find the source so if this is yours please let me know!)

Or you could let the furniture do the talking, like in this bedroom……

(image source)

Any way you choose to decorate with red is ok in my book.  I absolutely love it!

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