Decorating 2 Home Offices

In this line of work, decorating and creating, I work from home.  In my husband’s line of work, he either travels or works from home.  The one thing we can agree on is that we can’t share an office.  He’s on the phone all the time and likes background noise when he’s not.  I prefer to work in silence.  He has piles of “stuff” everywhere and I like things put away.  He walks around a lot and I pretty much stay put until a task is completed.  Therefore, we need to have 2 home offices.  And that means I get to decorate 2 home offices.  Here’s what I’m planning……

Let’s start with my husband.  He really liked his office in our last house.  It was dark and moody and had lots of storage.  I swear he could live in a cave!  This house I promised to keep it somewhat the same.  We opted for the same wall color and kept the same curtains.  But now I’m struggling with the furniture arrangement and how we are going to store the “ugly stuff” without cabinets.

At least I have a jumping off point.  He loves the color (Refuge by Sherwin Williams), he loves the accent color (a terra cotta color) and he loves his desk.  I just need to move it all around and store stuff efficiently.  Right now it’s a hot mess!

I’m thinking maybe some pictures hanging over the bookshelves to hide some of that stuff.  Kind of like this masculine office from ABD Studio.

I have art for that big wall.  I got it at an estate sale.  It is printed on some sort of fabric and is detailed drawings of sea fans.  My husband loves to scuba dive so I thought it was appropriate.

I’m going to start moving stuff around today and see how it goes.


As for me, I have a really huge desk with a hutch from Ballard Designs.  It worked great in our old house.  I don’t really like it in this new house.  But it cost a small fortune so I can’t get rid of it.  I’ve always wanted a table as a desk, right in the middle of the room with bookshelves behind me.  I actually have a print out of this office on my bulletin board:

(image via)

And I’m thinking that I want to jump on the navy blue bandwagon.  I adore this office from Studio McGee.

The problem with my office is that it is connected to our guest room.  So however I decorate my office has to blend well with how I decorate my guest room.  Navy would be lovely in a guest room, but I worry that I’ll change my mind!  And I REALLY want to do wallpaper so mind changing is a big no-no.  Wallpaper = commitment.

But I think some dark color on the walls will really help camouflage the fact that my desk is very dark in color.  I love Kris’s office from Driven By Decor.  The dark color is wonderful!

What do you think?  Dark color to help hide this desk?  Would you go navy, black, green?  Give me your ideas!  I’d love to hear them.  For now I am going to keep coming up with ideas.  Wallpaper samples should be arriving today.  That may push me in the right direction.

If you need me, I’ll be cleaning and purging both home offices.





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