Creating Your Own Space and Planning Your Next Design Project

One of the main questions I get asked by clients is “what do we do next?”  This usually happens at the initial meeting and after they ask me how I get paid.  I have a very methodical way of approaching design projects, from start to finish.  I’d like to share it with you.  Creating your own space and planning your next design project can be a very fun and exciting time!  Here’s how to pull a plan together.

Always start with inspiration.  This is where Pinterest comes in to play.  I create a secret board for each one of my clients.  They can pin inspiration photos or furniture that they love.  It gives me an idea of their style and a jumping off point for their projects.  You can use this for yourself.  Create a board just for your project and you will be able to visualize what you want.

create a pinterest board to help with your design plan


Fabric and paint are more important than furniture.  I am not kidding.  They set the tone for the entire room!  You must decide your color scheme at some point and it is much easier if you know what pillows or paint you are going to use.

Choosing paint and fabric is essential for planning your own space


Timeline and budget, the un-fun parts of design.  Essential, I know.  But not fun at all!  Create it and stick to it as much as you can.  Keeping lists and receipts will help you stay on track.  See the next tip…..

Have a spreadsheet or a worksheet.  I know that some people work best in MS Excel.  Others like Evernote.  I like the app Trello because I can add pictures.  However you work best, do it!  This will keep you from forgetting things and falling behind, plus you will be able to see your costs and stay on budget.

tools to help you plan you next design project


Now you can get creative.  Treat yourself like a client and set up a mood board for yourself.  I do it for all of my own projects.  It really gives you an idea of how it will all come together.  And have fun!  Design is the best creative outlet because you can actually enjoy your work when it’s done!  Creating your own space and planning your next design project will be easy and fun!

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