Uncommon Housewarming Gifts

Does anyone else ever get the itch to list their house and move in the spring?  No, I don’t have that itch now but I did last year!  And I know lots of people who are ready to go.  And that means just one thing.

Brunch Buffet for 4

Picture this… It’s a lazy Sunday morning.  You have friends visiting from out of town and they have to hit the road before too long.  You want to send them off happily and elegantly.

Valentine’s Day Selfie Station

There are days that I see my kids and their friends taking selfies so much that I’m afraid they aspire to be Kardashians.  Then I realize, selfies are fun!  Especially when you dress up a bit and get all silly.

Holiday Table Settings

You know that phrase, less is more?  Well, I live by it when it comes to my table settings.  I like to serve everything family style so there needs to be plenty of room on the table for the food.

Thanksgiving Game Plan

It’s almost here.  The day when we cook our tails off and stuff ourselves silly!  But if we aren’t careful, it can get out of control really quickly.  That’s why you need a game plan.

The Steel Magnolia Cocktail

So, being the Southern transplant that I am, I have noticed a few things about the women born and raised in the South.  They are strong, fearless, beautiful and kind.  They are caring, daring and bold.