Casual Outdoor Entertaining – The Porch Party

Entertaining on the weekends is absolutely one of my favorite things to do!  Whenever I can be surrounded by friends with a glass of something meant for adults in my hand, I’m a happy camper.  And when the warm weather hits, we can all be outside, laughing and enjoying the sunshine.  On those evenings, sometimes it is fun to just allow anyone and everyone to drop by.  I call this the porch party.  And the joy of casual outdoor entertaining is that it’s no fuss, no frills, and you never know who will stop by.

On the first gorgeous Friday afternoon that rolled around, I decided to throw a porch party.  There was prosecco in the fridge, I had some odds and ends I could throw together for snacks and the weather was perfect!  A porch party is the ultimate in casual outdoor entertaining.  Everyone just sits out on the front steps with a beverage and a snack, waving to all the neighbors and enjoying some laughs.

the porch party is a simple and casual outdoor soiree

casual outdoor entertaining - the porch party

The house doesn’t have to be perfectly clean.  You aren’t cooking a four course meal.  You aren’t responsible for ambient lighting or decorating.  All you are responsible for is a few simple finger foods and a clean place to sit.  Oh, and a cocktail.  During the spring and summer, I have a signature cocktail.  I call it the Lemon Prosecco Spritzer.  Now, I’m sure others serve it.  It’s not a genius mixology creation.  But it is good, and simple, and universally liked.

lemon prosecco spritzers are served at my porch party

When I decided to throw the porch party and I checked the fridge, all I had were some vegetables, some puff pastry and some pimento cheese (like every good Southerner should!), plus some leftovers that didn’t make good finger food.  I used the mini bell peppers that I had and stuffed then with cream cheese.  I took the puff pastry out of the freezer, let it thaw slightly and made some pimento cheese puffs (more on that later).  Super easy and very tasty!  I am a firm believer that you should ALWAYS have puff pastry in your freezer.  You can make so many things with it, especially last minute appetizers.

whip up some simple appetizers and roll out the bar cart for the porch party

Then I rolled the bar cart out onto the porch, called all the neighbors I could get ahold of, and told them to head on over.  A bar cart is essential for pulling together a last minute party.  We had a wonderful time!  We snacked, we drank, we laughed, and we still had enough time to go home for dinner.

I love casual outdoor entertaining and had so much fun at the porch party I hosted

The only thing missing from the porch party was that I wish you were here.

A special thank you to Emby Taylor Photography for the great pictures!

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