Built-Ins In My Husband’s Office

How many of you have bookcases in your office?  It’s a no-brainer, right?!  They are essential!  The office is where you should keep your books and file and old magazines.  So when we left our old house and moved into the new one, we knew that we had to make sure there were plenty of bookshelves in my husband’s office.  Here’s the story of these built-ins.

Soooo, when we purchased the house, the office looked like this….

office- before

Pretty nice, eh?  Like those columns at the entrance?  Yep, they had to go.  We put in french doors.  And the corner desk was not going to cut it, so we decided to finish off the whole wall in bookshelves to maximize storage and functionality.  That square on the wall to the right – it is an old school TV niche.  Needless to say, we covered that up.

built in bookcases

My husband’s current office hasn’t changed much from his old office.  He loved the color so we kept it the same.  It just worked.  We have so many books in our house (we love to read) that I couldn’t artfully arrange them all.  Some of the larger hard covers got used as a nice little side table.

Even though bookshelves are great for  holding books, they aren’t great for the not so pretty storage stuff.  So I purchased large baskets that fit perfectly into the spaces at the bottom.

With so many books, it can be difficult to organize them in a way that looks nice.  I decided to color code them.  The books that had multiple colors on the spine got turned backwards to show the pages.  Because sometimes it just has to be about aesthetics.



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  • I love it but my husband says that it is not his style and prefers the original stained wood minus the corner desk and TV nook. I suggested navy blue for the book cases and he thought that would be ok.


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