Blush Pink for the End of Winter

I love a good glass of rose’.  So when I saw the lush velvet pillow covers in the perfect blush pink and the matching throw on sale, I knew that I had some new decor for the end of winter.  It would carry me through until spring.  Isn’t the shade just lovely?  It feels so girly and luxurious to me.  Maybe I need pink champagne instead of rose’.

I just happened to be wandering around West Elm and saw these beautiful velvet pillows.  I walked away from them and kept circling the store.  I think I went back and looked at them 10 times before I bought them.


My hold up was that I didn’t want to go too feminine for my son and husband.  God forbid they have pink in any of their manly spaces.


Truth be told, I don’t think they have even noticed.  And this is my room really.  So what the heck!



This throw is so soft and warm.  It’s supposed to be cold here for the next few days so I can really snuggle under it.  Possibly with a glass of rose’.

The best part is that 2 weeks ago I got an email from West Elm that some other pillow covers I liked were on sale.  And they matched the rest perfectly.  Now I have matching pillows for my chairs that offer a little break from the pink.



Such a beautiful color will surely take me right into spring.  It is the perfect shade for Valentine’s day and it matched the hydrangea stems I picked up from the store so it is a natural spring color.


Have you started your transition to spring yet?  I’m still loving my sweaters and boots!  But this is a nice change of pace.






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