Advent Calendar for the True Meaning of Christmas

We have always had an advent calendar.  And it is your standard fare.  I ordered it from Pottery Barn Kids and it is very similar to this one.

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But as I prepared to set it up, I decided that we needed to do something different this year.  My children have enough stuff.  Trinkets and treats galore.  They do not need any more.  Nor do they need candy.  Or school supplies.  Or any of the various items one could tuck into those tiny pockets.  What my children need is an advent calendar that would teach them the true meaning of Christmas.  Because Christmas isn’t about stuff.  It’s about love and peace and spreading joy.

So, of course, I turned to the geniuses of the blogosphere and found some amazing ideas.


Between You and Me blog had a very stylish and wonderful idea.  It is the 25 Random Acts of Kindness advent calendar.  And it is adorable to boot!  She and her children came up with 25 random acts of kindness that they wanted to provide to others throughout the season.  On each day, they chose one to do, thus teaching her children all about spreading love and joy.  And counting their own blessings.


Mum in the Madhouse had a very similar idea.  Although she was kind enough to give us 50 examples!  Many of them so simple that we should be doing them every day like “tidy your bedroom” or “give someone a compliment”.


Rebecca at Here Come The Girls had the brilliant idea of giving a different Christmas book each day to share as a family.  And she reuses them each year.  I love this idea because books are not “junk” or “stuff”.  They are learning tools.  And reading is awesome!


And at All Things Simple, the advent calendar is about focusing on family.  Each day holds a special family activity.  It could be just playing board games together or going out to dinner.  But this calendar makes if very clear that this time of year is about family.

Thank you for all of the inspiring advent calendar ideas.  For this year, I will be combining all of these ideas, because I feel that all of them are so important.  I vow to teach my children to enjoy the season by spreading joy to others through random acts of kindness, doing acts of service, sharing time with the family and getting a Christmas book or movie thrown in for fun!


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