5 Minute Decor Fixes – Just Add Flowers

There are days that I wander around my house and I need to change something.  Anyone else do that?  I know it sounds odd.  It’s not because I dislike my house, it’s just because I like to change things around .  All. The. Time.  So I have become kind of a pro at the 5 minute decor fix.  You know, that moment when you just move a couple things around and 5 minutes later you are satisfied. Then it feels like a new space.  So I’d like to share with you a few of my 5 minute decor fixes.  This one, in honor of Spring, is to just add flowers.  And what a difference it makes!

My absolute favorite place to buy flowers is Trader Joe’s.  They sometimes have only one or two kinds to choose from and other days it feels like I am walking into a flower shop!  The best part for me is that they always have greenery.  I LOVE mixing greenery into my flowers.  It gives the arrangements a bit more of a free flowing feel.  And I can be more creative rather than precise.

just add spring flowers

I also enjoy mixing colors.  Sometimes white is just perfect but other times I need a little pizzaz.  So for this fast fix I purchased both colorful blooms and my favorite, hydrangeas, in white.  Each bundle cost less than $7.  So for around $25 I changed my decor up and have beautiful blooms that add that sophistication to my home.

5 minute decor fix - add flowers

Varying sizes of your vases and vessels can really change the dimension of your flowers.  I like hydrangeas to cascade over the edge of the vase so sometimes a short vase is necessary.  It also makes them easier to see over or just adds to an already styled coffee table.

add flowers to style a coffee table

Decorating a kitchen cans sometimes be difficult.  It’s a utilitarian room…. you cook and eat.  You feed your family in the kitchen.  Decorating it sometimes falls by the wayside.  By just adding flowers, you amp up the feel of the whole room.  A kitchen is for food, yes, but it can also be beautiful.

add flowers to the kitchen

Once you get those beautiful blooms home and choose your vases, all you have to do is cut them to size and place them around your house.  It is the perfect 5 minute fix.  Flowers just feel elegant, no matter how sloppy the arrangement.  Adding them to the dinner table, kitchen counter, or coffee table is the perfect way to brighten your day.

add hydrangeas to your dining table

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