Styling a China Cabinet

I have always said that I am horrible at styling.  I always feel like my bookcases are a hodgepodge of stuff.  My mantle is always a work in progress.  But this time, I think I got it right.  This time I am proud of myself.  And I wanted to share with you the foolproof steps I discovered about styling a china cabinet!


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My Charlie Brown Thankful Tree

Have you ever had this great idea?  I mean, the best idea EVER!  And you try to make it a reality but it just doesn’t quite turn out right.  Yes, well, here is one of mine.  And I thought I’d share it anyway because it is a great idea.  My execution is lacking.  It’s called the Thankful Tree.  But it looks a bit more like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.  You know the one….. needles falling, bent over, one ornament.  Yep, that’s it!


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Thanksgiving Side Dish – Butternut Squash Risotto

If you are like me, you don’t always want to serve your family the same things, over and over.  Especially with such a food-centric holiday like Thanksgiving.  I mean, it’s all about counting your blessings – being able to afford food, have shelter and be loved by your family – so we should all enjoy a large meal in our cozy home surrounded by our loved ones.  And although we can’t get rid of the turkey (that would be terrible!) we can swap out our side dishes once in a while.  This year I will make butternut squash risotto.  It is such a delicious and creamy dish.  Satisfying and flavorful, this dish truly showcases one of Fall’s best bounties, squash!


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High Point Market – Better Late Than Never

I have been so busy with my One Room Challenge that I completely neglected to share with you the most amazing design experience of the Fall!  High Point Market!  It was so amazing and I left feeling so inspired!  And so tired!  It was completely worth it and I can’t wait until the Spring market.  I would like to share with you some trends, some inspiration and just some pretty decor in general.


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Weekly Menu – the last as a post

I told you I was working on giving my blog a new look.  Well, I also want to give my weekly menu a new look.  I am planning on moving it to my side bar.  Don’t fret!  I will still do it each week, it just won’t be its own post.  It will be over to the side, easily accessible each and every time you visit my blog!  How convenient is that?!



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A New Look!

I’m giving myself, well, my blog, a new look.  Please bear with me as I work out all the kinks and make some changes!  Let me know what you think!


One Room Challenge – Week 6

I’m done!  It’s over!  Finally!  And I truly did finish!  Congratulations to all of those who participated in the One Room Challenge 2014!  You all did great!  Doesn’t it feel good to accomplish something?  And to have a room that is beautiful and complete?  I am so happy!  I can’t wait to hold a dinner party and show off my dining room!



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Dijon Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin

I came up with this super easy recipe last week.  My children gobbled it up like they were hungry beasts.  Well, they kind of are….  Anyhow, this is the most simple and flavorful pork loin I have ever made.  And you probably have everything to make it in your house right now.  Enjoy my Dijon Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin.



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Weekly Menu 11/3 – 11/7

Welcome to November!  Halloween ended abruptly around here with wind and lightening and pouring rain at about 9 pm.  However, November is truly showing it’s Fall colors and temperatures.  I felt I needed to pay homage to November with some hearty and satisfying meals in this weekly menu.  I sat in front of a fire with a glass of red wine and my favorite cook book and planned this menu.  Enjoy!

favorite cook books


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One Room Challenge Week 5

Is it week 5?!  I feel like I say that every week!  The room is really coming together.  You wouldn’t know it if you walked into my house but I swear it is!  Everything is painted.  Even the ceiling.  And the slipcovers are ironed.  You all can breathe a sigh of relief on that one.  I know that my unironed photo stressed some of you out!  Here is what I have been working on this week…..



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