Rooms That Inspire For Spring!

If you are ready for Spring, raise your hand!  (My hand is as high as I can get it!)  I am so ready for sunshine and flowers, bright colors and sandals.  But so many of us are still stuck in snow, rain and/or mud.  Never fear, I have found some beautifully bright and cheery rooms that are ready for Spring!


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What’s On Your…. Kitchen Counter

Welcome to another show and tell….. 9 bloggers reveal what’s on their kitchen counters this month.  Good, bad or ugly, we’ll show you our kitchens.



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Parmesan Thyme Polenta



I always thought that polenta was just one of those side dishes I got at a restaurant.  I had no idea how simple it really is to make!  And adding in flavors is as easy as checking out what you have on hand.  This parmesan thyme polenta is the perfect compliment to chicken, pork or beef.  And it’s ready in a snap!

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Simple Tips For Styling A Bookcase



Styling a bookcase can feel overwhelming.  But it really isn’t.  All you need is a few key elements and you will be putting together bookcases like a pro.  I’ve decorated and arranged my fair share of bookcases, and I’ve learned that if you keep a few things in mind, it all falls together.

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Bold Wallpaper Makes Me Happy

Have you ever seen a room in a design magazine or show house that has the most amazing wallpaper and you think, “I could never do that” or “What if I get sick of it?” or “How do I match fabric with that?”?  I do it all the time.  Nevertheless, I love looking at it and dreaming about it.  Here are a few bold wallpaper and fabric combos that will truly make you happy.


(all wallpapers here from the HGTV Home Collection from Sherwin-Williams)


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Mine Vs. Theirs on Try It Tuesday

Do you subscribe to Food Network Magazine?  I do and every time it comes my mouth starts to water.  The front cover always looks good enough to eat!  So this week on Try It Tuesday, I decided to do little contest.  Mine vs. theirs on their Kale-Potato Soup with Bacon.  It’s on the cover.



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Painted Books and a Powder Room Sneak Peek

Remember when I went to High Point?  One of the trends I noticed was decorating with books…. painted books, fabric covered books, paper covered books.  Lots and lots of books!  I thought it was a great idea.  So I decided to make my own.  I did some paper covered books.  Now, I finally painted some books for myself.


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My Son’s Bathroom Design Plan

The wheels have been set in motion.  We are redoing my son’s bathroom.  My husband and I are reluctant DIYer’s.  We do small things but nothing big.  No room renovations here.  So we are starting with our son’s bathroom because it is the smallest.  And we figure that if we mess it up it will be the least expensive to have repaired.  So here is my son’s bathroom design plan and some before pictures.

Reid's bathroom plan


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Chinese Chicken Potstickers

chines-chicken-potstickers I love Chinese food!  Really, any Asian food.  So when I ran across pre-made wonton wrappers at the grocery store I was ecstatic!  I could make so many things!  Wontons, egg rolls, potstickers, etc.  (I found them with the pre-cut veggies.  Strange, huh?)  I decided to start with potstickers because my daughter could help me and there would be no dangerous frying going on.  These Chinese chicken potstickers are super easy to make and oh so yummy!

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Try It Tuesday – Sharpie Wallpaper

Have you seen what the Nester can do with a Sharpie?  Or Mandi from Vintage Revivals?  They are like the McGiver’s of home decor and DIY.  It’s amazing!  So I got to thinking….. why can’t I be that amazing?  Well, because I’m not them.  I saw their amazing Sharpie wallpaper.  And I thought I could do it too.  So this Try it Tuesday is Sharpie wallpaper.

Try It Tuesday

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